Monday, December 27, 2010

Cross County Trail

Cross county says it all. Long stretch of trail which touches almost every corner on beautiful Fairfax county. It's an another awesome trail on Gerogetown Pike just after Great Falls intersection while driving towards I-495 junction. One can start this trail from Difficult run trail parking lot on GTN Pike or from Great Falls end which again cut thru' the Difficult run trail parking lot while climbing down. Unlike Scott trail, CC trail mostly run thru' flat surface atleast upto an intersection of route 7.

The water stream intersects the trail in two places. It's indeed a panoramic view to watch the bending trail by standing on the neatly placed stones in middle of the water flow. Strategic location of this trail makes life easier for bikers as it can be easily accessed from multiple points, however one has to watch out the water flow on the stream. Not sure how fast the current would be on winter/rainy season.

On the day of our hike, Group of people from Hash House Harriers were running all across the trail, playing and finding the lost routes :-). It was so much fun to watch them as they were looking cool & enjoying their every bit of moment on the stretches of the trail. While we were shivering with low temperature, this group was running without any jackets. Interestingly the group was active even when we were returning to our base.

Compared to Scotts run trail CC seems to be little easier as it does not have much of slopes. However the length of the trail makes a life little tough for newbies. Anyone looking for moderately lengthy trail with easy access to connecting roads, this one would be the perfect bet for them.